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Who We Are

As a global professional community and information services provider, Duxes Information & Technology PLC. has provided essential commercial information and professional interactive communication platforms for leading international corporations since 2007.

In January 2015, Duxes was accredited as a first-rate Shanghai Conference Service Standard Organization based on the excellent quality and service of its conferences and events. In 2017, Duxes became a publicly-listed company on ...

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  • The conference covered a broad spectrum of topics related to the use of green materials and design concepts for construction, and gave a good overview of China's status in a short time. Good networking opportunities as we.

    —— Diamond Wood

  • In a tough economic environment, the team from Duxes achieved extraordinary success with a well-attended event and excellent presenters who provided content relevant to our industry. Well done!

    —— IDS Technologies

  • Every speaker was of value. Networking was an especially prominent feature. Authorities like NDRC and SAT were valuable additions. Collaboration was strong, mix was good.

    —— Volvo Car Corp.

  • In total, it was informative and I was rather surprised by the overall interest in this area. It would be interesting to hear a presenter from a local PRC company with worldwide operations, in relation to how they would deal with anti-corruption compliance issues.

    —— Fereier Hodgson Limited

  • Every speaker was of value. Networking was an especially prominent feature. Authorities like NDRC and SAT were valuable additions. Collaboration was strong, mix was good.

    —— Volvo Car Corp.

  • This summit was a good opportunity for us to exchange and share experiences, solutions, and visions related to sustainable packaging.

    —— Pepsico Asia R&D Centre

  • This was a well-prepared summit and good platform for F&F and related industries. Looking forward to hearing more valuable speeches in the future!

    —— Coca-Cola

  • This is by far the most relevant and worthwhile leasing conference in China, bringing together the industry leaders and experts in leasing in China. It was an excellent conference for vendors and equipment lessors to share knowledge, discuss issues, and develop business relationships.

    —— CSI Leasing

  • This was a good opportunity to network in the medical device market, and to meet key decision-makers in hospitals and government agencies.

    —— GSK

  • Good content. I have really learned a lot from the event.

    —— IBM

Services We Provide

Commercial Events

Duxes commercial events and conferences equip our clients with the most relevant specialized industry knowledge on market conditions, innovation, and government policies, as well as provide them with abundant business development opportunities.

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Aftermarket & Reman

Duxes has been working in the aftermarket and remanufacturing industry since 2008, and held sixteen successful events, all of which have been attended by influential policymakers and industry leaders. Our reman division consists of three parts: Reman Industry Focus (RIF) ...

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Reports & Publications

Duxes industry reports include authoritative updates on market developments across a number of industries. Our quarterly e-newsletters cover breaking news and important policy developments related to the Auto Industry, Heavy Duty, Dairy, Healthcare,...

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Industries & Areas of Focus

Global Reach

At present, Duxes organizes commercial events in Mainland China, the Asia Pacific region, the Middle East, and North America, offering diverse coverage spanning the globe.

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Duxes e-newsletters include the latest industry news, trends, policy developments, and data analysis, essential knowledge for adapting to the modern business landscape, covering automotive & reman, heavy duty, high-tech, insurance, investment, leasing, dairy, functional foods, fintech, healthcare, anti-corruption, and anti-trust.
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Our working philosophy is open, innovative, and organized. We adhere to a forward-looking management philosophy, allowing abundant opportunities for talented and dedicated individuals to flourish.

The first-rate working environment includes the office itself, as well as a library, activity room, and break room.

Join us: Duxes would like to equip you with the tools to succeed, through engagement with leading professionals, and a chance to obtain valuable industry expertise.

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