Industry E-Newsletters

Our quarterly e-newsletters cover breaking news and important policy developments for eight topics that reflect the wide range of content in Duxes events: Anti-corruption, Anti-trust, Healthcare, Insurance, Dairy, Leasing, Heavy Duty, and Auto. In addition to informing readers of relevant laws, regulations, trends, technological innovation, and business deals from recent months, each edition also includes an exclusive interview with a professional working in the field, shedding light on overlooked areas of practice.

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Duxes Leasing Outlook more +
Duxes OHV Journal more +
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Duxes Insurance Rundown more +
Duxes Anti-Corruption Report more +
Duxes Anti-Trust Report more +
Duxes Healthcare Report more +

If you are interested in interviewing for a Duxes industry e-newsletter, please contact us at: cindy.cui@duxes.cn