Commercial Events

Duxes commercial events and conferences equip our clients with the most relevant specialized industry knowledge on market conditions, innovation, and government policies, as well as providing abundant business development opportunities by helping attendees find prospective business partners and clients. With our expertise in event organization and development, we tailor each conference to meet our clients’ needs, including International Congresses, Summits, and Forums / Seminars / Master Courses.

  • International Congresses, Summits and Forums are designed for an audience of 150-300 delegates per event, composed of representatives from the host country and around the world, featuring diverse content, from general industry trends, to niche topics. These events put emphasis on business strategy, industry growth and development, and firsthand testimony, allowing abundant opportunities for onsite networking.
  • Seminars aimed at a target audience of 40-50 delegates in China; function-oriented events that specialize in one area or provide insight into specific processes within an industry.
  • Master Courses are specially created for approximately 30 delegates. Only one or two industry leaders and/or experts in the field are invited to serve as speaker or trainer. They then present the content interactively, offering delegates unparalleled access for asking questions and engaging in discussion.

Partnership Consulting & Independent Consulting

1. Partnership Consulting

wherein we develop and execute the event based on our partners' (government institutions, trade organizations, etc.) needs, which can be a specified topic(s), and/or general objectives. We are often invited by government authorities and academic institutions to host events which target a specified topic, policy, regulation, or industry objective. We then integrate our partners’ demands to produce the most enriching experience possible.

2. Independent Consulting

wherein we identify the theme and topics, and then develop and execute the whole event (summit, forum, seminar, master courses, etc.) independently. Through extensive research and analysis, our project development team identifies significant developments in a specified industry, and organizes a summit, forum, seminar, or master course to provide professionals with unbiased market information, helping them adapt their business to stay ahead of the curve.


Duxes excels at every stage of event development – from topic research to event organization – this consistency has made our consulting services highly-regarded and essential in the business world.

  • Topic Research: Each Duxes research team has a wealth of experience in its industry of focus, and is sensitive to subtle market changes. This detail-oriented approach, engaged with market dynamics, allows us to develop topics that are highly relevant and worthy of further inquiry. With regard to partnership consulting, our research team is effective, flexible, and responsive to our partners’ needs.
  • Agenda Development: Once the important topics are confirmed, the development team drafts an agenda which is used to determine the event format. Duxes is proud of its industry-wide reputation for consistently identifying superior topics and speakers.
  • Event Promotion: Both our marketing and sales teams have established relationships with premier global business media outlets, ensuring excellent publicity before, during, and following the event. Armed with cutting-edge technology and information management capabilities, our bilingual team provides the most cost-effective results in the business consulting service industry.
  • Speaker Guarantee: Guaranteeing premier speakers is a critical component in the success of our conference events. We utilize extensive networks across a wide range of industries, encompassing the private sector, trade associations, in addition to academic and government institutions, ensuring that distinguished speakers can share their expertise.
  • Event Implementation: All planning boils down to final execution. Duxes possesses a support team trained and experienced in seeking the most appropriate and cost-saving venues, simultaneous translation teams, and accommodations, ensuring smooth event proceedings. Attendees’ acclaim for Duxes events demonstrates our professional organization and execution.