Aftermarket & Reman Consulting

Duxes has been working in the aftermarket and remanufacturing industry since 2008, and held sixteen successful events, all of which have been attended by influential policymakers and industry leaders. Our reman division consists of three parts: Reman Industry Focus (RIF) e-publication, an annual Duxes Reman Market Report, and consulting services on behalf of clients. Through our efforts, we hope to contribute to sustainable growth in the burgeoning reman industry.

E-Publication: Reman Industry Focus

Shanghai-based Reman Industry Focus (RIF) is the only bilingual Chinese-English e-publication focused on all forms of remanufacturing, sustainability, and the circular economy. We provide cutting edge content, offering in-depth interviews and featured articles with the most significant companies and figures in the industry, as well as the latest breaking news.

Duxes Reman Market Report

- Statistical and data analysis
- Tracking of important developments
- Overview of latest government policies

Reman Consulting Service

Duxes provides customized research on the reman industry, analyzing competitors, government policies, business models, supply chains and end-users. Our work provides insights into the latest developments in the industry, allowing our clients to pursue optimal development strategies.

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