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4th China International Remanufacturing Summit

4th China International Remanufacturing Summit

May 29-30, 2014 · Zhangjiagang Zhong Lian GDH International Hotel

Manufacturers in China, and many other countries, are changing their thinking from simply how to build more, to how to build smarter. As a matter of social stewardship as well as wise investment, remanufacturing has become a unique growth industry across continents, but one that covers an almost overwhelming variety of products using growing numbers of innovative techniques.

At the 4th China International Remanufacturing Summit, being held in Beijing May 29-30, representatives of the global remanufacturing industry will pool their resources to carry remanufacturing in China to its next stage of evolution. This is possible with the help of leaders coming from all of the crucial government institutions such as the NDRC, MIIT, Ministry of Finance and MOFCOM, who will be there to guide participants through the forest of reforms and regulations.

Drawing on the experience of previous events, along with the help of the APRA and CPRA, presentations during the summit will help delegates to understand the development of each of the steps of the remanufacturing process including the current market climate, barriers and opportunities to market entry, development of sales channels and product logistics, product servicing and current legal issues. Participants will also have a chance to personally pose their own questions to the experts through panel discussions, during which attendees will see the different approaches of industry leaders as they tackle the pressing issues of their field.

Outside of the formal speeches and Q&As, delegates will be able to get one-on-one time with colleagues and experts in order to not only delve into the issues surrounding their respective businesses, but to connect with those with the resources and know-how to help them expand beyond their previous limits.

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