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Asia Pacific Leasing Summit 2017

November 8-10, 2017 · Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers

Duxes held the Asia Pacific Leasing Summit 2017 on November 8-10 in Hong Kong. The summit offered a platform for leasing companies, automakers, financial institutions, and trade associations, to discuss auto finance and equipment leasing markets across Asia.

The event emphasized the two largest markets in the region, with presentations addressing car rental, car-sharing, and used cars in China, as well as fleet and equipment leasing in India, with a detailed look at the impact of the GST on leasing markets. Further coverage detailed the status leasing in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Myanmar, and delved into opportunities and challenger for lessors in developing markets. Lastly, the summit educated attendees on the best practices in risk management, financing channels, digitalization, and liquidity.

The Asia Pacific Leasing Summit 2017 continued Duxes’ leasing event series, which spans the Middle East and Asia Pacific region, and has drawn acclaim from leasing industry professionals around the world. The 2017 summit was the most ambitious leasing event Duxes has hosted, with input from a wide range of leading lessors and trade associations, on diverse topics. Special acknowledgement is owed to event endorsers: CIFA, AFSA, and Equipment Finance Advisor, as well as sponsors: Cloud Lending Solutions, Fujitsu, and Totalsoft, for making the summit possible.

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