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Global Human Nutrition & Wellness Forum 2017 —— Health Food and Supplement Special

November 6-7, 2017 · Fleming's Selection Hotel Frankfurt - City

Duxes held the Global Human Nutrition & Wellness Forum 2017 – Health Food and Supplement Special, on November 6-7 in Frankfurt, Germany. The two-day event expanded the scope of Duxes’ functional food coverage to include content on regional markets around the world, with testimony from researchers in food science and nutrition, representatives of leading companies and trade associations, and policymakers, on the growing demand for health food across the globe.

The forum opened with a focus on the global regulatory environment for functional foods. Speakers from trade associations in Europe detailed the effects of Brexit on the sports nutrition sector, and functional food regulations in the EU. Later content addressed the phenomenon of food/supplement regulation harmonization, with practical examples at work in the EU, ASEAN, and the GCC, as well as other regional trade blocs. Further highlights from the first day included panel discussions on popular functional ingredients and associated health benefits, and innovation to OTC and consumer health products.

The final day delved into market dynamics for functional foods. High-level executives and researchers discussed progress in early childhood nutrition, developments in the German market, and marketing strategies for nutrition and health products. Following up on a presentation the previous day about the burgeoning Chinese market, a representative from the Ministry of Commerce and health product import authority in China, explained the regulatory framework for functional food producers entering the market. The event concluded with a discussion of consumer expectations for functional foods, and diverse product offerings for meeting consumer demand.

The Global Human Nutrition & Wellness Forum 2017 achieved its objective, by providing a platform for professionals from across the functional food industry, with diverse knowledge about nutrition, product development, marketing, and government policies, to pool their experiences and exchange ideas. The forum will spur further collaboration and innovation within an industry that has already undergone dramatic growth.

As emerging markets across Asia, Africa, and Latin America are still ripe for growth, the functional food industry will continue to rely on platforms for collaboration and exchange to further its global expansion. To meet these demands, Duxes holds three annual functional food events, in: China, Europe, and Singapore, dedicated to equipping the industry with essential knowledge on innovation and market conditions.

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