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3rd Asia Diesel Engine Summit 2017

October 17-18, 2017 · Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao, China

Duxes hosted the 3rd Asia Diesel Engine Summit 2017 on October 17-18 in Shanghai. The summit provided a platform for policymakers, researchers, analysts, and representatives of on-highway and off-highway enterprises, to exchange knowledge on market conditions and technological innovation related to diesel engines.

The event began with testimony from national authorities in key jurisdictions, including India, China, and Indonesia, as well as non-profit associations, on recent fuel emissions regulations. Speakers from the private sector detailed ongoing fuel efficiency, and a panel of industry representatives discussed remaining challenges related to emissions reduction. Later, a series of presentations from diesel engine industry associations addressed trends in individual markets across Asia.

The final day featured content on technical innovation in progress, with detailed information on improvements to lightweight materials, fuel injection, PEMS, and after-treatment technologies, as well as advancements to intelligent commercial vehicles. Notably, the event concluded with presentations from global OEMs and suppliers, discussing possibilities for new energy vehicles and the diesel engine aftermarket.

The 3rd Asia Diesel Engine Summit 2017 fulfilled Duxes’ mission to educate the on-highway and off-highway vehicle industries on the latest developments taking place in markets across Asia. Attendees representing leading enterprises explored new paradigms for environmental protection, improved performance, and collaboration, at an exciting time in the automotive industry. Duxes would like to thank the event sponsors: Sonceboz, Famic Technologies Inc., Dana, United Grinding, and Delphi, as well as strategic partner SSAB, for the summit possible.

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