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4th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2017

November 15-17, 2017 · Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel

Duxes held the 4th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2017 on November 15-17 in Singapore. The event gathered leaders in the industry, from prominent dairy producers, trade associations, and government authorities, to discuss the growing dairy market in Asia.

The opening day of the summit was a pre-conference special on dairy packaging, with presentations from packaging firms and trade associations, in addition to discussion of innovation and sustainability for dairy packaging.

The following day proceeded to cover dairy market conditions in Thailand and Vietnam, as detailed by an official from each country’s Ministry of Agriculture, light blocking and packaging technology for milk, marketing strategies, food powder blends, and the emerging market in India. Panels composed of industry insiders, discussed challenges and opportunities in the dairy market, and strategies for attracting young consumers to dairy. The summit’s final day emphasized sustainability and innovation in the industry, giving voice to perspectives on automation and data management, waste management systems, public-private partnerships, steam as an ingredient, and business models detailed by executives at leading dairy enterprises.

The 4th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2017 concluded as a resounding success, and drew acclaim from attendees for its insightful commentary on booming dairy markets across Asia. The event highlighted Duxes’ decade-long commitment to educating the dairy industry on opportunities for growth, and cutting-edge innovation.

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