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3rd Anti-Corruption Compliance EMEA Summit 2017

November 15-16, 2017 · Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Dubai

Duxes held the 3rd Anti-Corruption Compliance EMEA Summit 2017 on November 15-16 in Dubai. The summit gave clarity to the developing anti-corruption environment in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, with participation from more than 100 attendees, representing government authorities, law firms, corporate compliance departments, and global NGOs.

The event provided a platform for policymakers and anti-corruption campaigners to detail their work, and its relevance to multinationals in the global economy. Speakers from the United States Department of Justice, Transparency International, the World Bank, and the Saudi National Anti-Corruption Commission, analyzed trends in anti-corruption enforcement, sanctions levied against corrupt companies, and antitrust compliance and enforcement, on both local, regional and global levels. Other content came courtesy of compliance professionals and legal experts at major corporations and law firms, who provided in-depth analysis of such topics as, “dawn raids”, establishing an effective ethics and compliance culture, supplier and third-party risk, internal reporting, due diligence, and facilitation payments.

The 3rd Anti-Corruption Compliance EMEA Summit 2017 succeeded in its goal of educating the public on anti-corruption developments, and optimal compliance practices. The summit furthered Duxes’ efforts at combating corruption in the EMEA region, continuing the work of events in China and the Asia Pacific region, and giving voice to the foremost authorities in the field.

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