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Summit to Reveal Flourishing Functional Food Markets across Asia

Duxes 3rd Nutraceutical and Functional Food Asia Pacific Summit & Exhibition 2018

June 6-8, 2018 · Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay, Singapore

The healthcare industry in the Asia Pacific region is forecast for robust growth in the coming years, due to aging populations, growth in disposal income, and increasingly favorable policies for foreign investment. Previously difficult to access sectors, such as the market for medical devices, have liberalized substantially, and opportunities are now abundant for local and multinational companies. Nonetheless, substantial regulatory hurdles remain, requiring healthcare companies to practice diligence in order to access new markets.

On account of these developments, Duxes will host the 3rd Healthcare Asia Pacific Summit 2018 on April 26-27 in Singapore. The summit will bring together delegates from across the healthcare industry, occupying diverse roles in the public and private sectors, from policymakers in major jurisdictions, to representatives of leading healthcare companies and industry analysts, to discuss the evolving, and expanding healthcare markets in the Asia Pacific region.

The summit’s first day will feature presentations from officials representing regulatory agencies in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India, and the ASEAN trading bloc, detailing the latest government policies, including the approval and registration process for pharmaceuticals and medical devices, the global “harmonization” of regulations across jurisdictions, and market conditions for foreign healthcare companies. The final day will highlight perspectives from across the industry on market access, quality assurance, clinical trial management, product development, and distribution.

The 3rd Healthcare Asia Pacific Summit 2018 follows the success of a decade of previous Duxes healthcare events, and offers an unparalleled opportunity for healthcare industry players to exchange knowledge about the direction of the industry in the Asia Pacific region. Professionals working in the healthcare industry, and in related areas, are invited to attend.

For further information, please contact:
Ms. Cindy Cui
Tel.: +86 21 5258 8005 Ext. 8253
E-mail: cindy.cui@duxes.cn
Website: http://www.duxes-events.com/nfap

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