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China Vehicle Interior Summit 2017

October 19-20, 2017 · Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao, China

Duxes held the China Vehicle Interior Summit 2017 on October 19-20, 2017 at the Hongqiao Marriot in Shanghai. The summit gathered leading figures representing government agencies, global OEMs, auto parts suppliers, and industry associations, to discuss important developments in the vehicle interior market.

The event opened with testimony from the Tianjin Auto Test Center explaining the implications of recent air quality guidelines on the auto aftermarket, content that was supplemented by an engineer at the Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection, who highlighted the technical demands of complying with safety regulations. Further presentations from OEM and supplier representatives addressed market trends for vehicle interiors and the latest research on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in passenger cars. Researchers engaged in pioneering work on vehicle comfort, safety, and functionality, analyzed in-car air quality, and interior parts. Among the specific technologies described included vehicle interior control systems (VIC), lightweight materials, low odor automotive leather, and seat climatisation. Notably, the summit concluded with industry representatives exploring the development of a “3rd Living Space”, in a far-reaching panel discussion.

The China Vehicle Interior Summit 2017 was Duxes’ first event specifically addressing the burgeoning vehicle interior sector in China. The summit educated attendees on a range of exciting technological developments that figure to revolutionize the driving experience in the near future, and facilitated the exchange of vital knowledge.

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