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Flourishing Functional Food Industry in China on Display at Beijing Summit

Duxes 8th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2018

September 17-18, 2018 · Crowne Plaza Beijing Chaoyang U-Town, China

Rising incomes, an aging population, and the e-commerce boom, has contributed to a prolonged period of growth for the functional food industry in China. A report from Euromonitor noted that emerging sectors such as sports nutrition have enjoyed double-digit annual growth in recent years, and projected that Chinese consumer demand for vitamin, Omega-3, and probiotic products will be especially robust over the next decade. Meanwhile, the strong presence of cross-border e-commerce in China has increased consumer access to health food brands from around the world.

To assist the functional food industry in this fertile environment, Duxes will host the 8th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2018 on September 17-18 in Beijing, China. The two-day event will gather professionals from food and nutritional supplement companies, as well as policymakers and researchers, to discuss the latest advances in nutrition, the effects of cross-border e-commerce on the market, emerging product categories, consumer preferences, and other important topics.

The 8th China International Nutraceutical and Functional Food Summit 2018 will continue event organizer Duxes’ nearly decade-long engagement and collaboration with the functional food industry. Duxes has organized more than 20 functional food conferences in China, Singapore, and Europe, which have been acclaimed for their timely coverage and interactive format. Professionals working for food, beverage, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as in related fields, are invited to attend.

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