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Summit to Draw Attention to Booming Asia-Pacific Dairy Industry

5th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2018

November 15 -16, 2018 · Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

The Asia-Pacific has emerged as a force in the global dairy industry, with dairy consumption in the region rising at twice the rate of the global average. Dairy producers from around the world have ramped up sales in Asia, taking advantage of rising consumer incomes, greater emphasis on nutrition and well-being, and increased market access enabled by e-commerce. At the same time, regulatory developments across the region, including stricter food safety and labeling regulations, and a plethora of recent free trade agreements, have required dairy brands to adapt to the evolving market conditions.

Continuing its more than half-decade of support for the global dairy industry, Duxes will hold the 5th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2018 in Singapore on November 15-16, 2018. The event will gather representatives of leading dairy brands, packaging firms, government agencies, and trade associations, to exchange knowledge about the Asia Pacific dairy industry. During the two day, speakers and panelists will delve into a range of important topics, including relevant government policies in key jurisdictions, consumer trends, quality and safety control, R&D strategies, and innovative product categories.

In hosting the 5th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit 2018, Duxes hopes to further its engagement with the dairy industry, by gathering leading voices from different areas of focus, in industry, government, and research, to address opportunities and challenges in the Asian dairy market. Professionals working in the dairy industry, or in related fields, are invited to attend.

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