Off-Highway Vehicle

The Duxes off-highway vehicle series includes annual summits dedicated to the off-highway vehicle industry, as well as diesel engine and heavy duty sectors, in China, across Asia, and around the world. The series has become a fixture for industry insiders, serving as a gateway for companies looking to enter the off-highway vehicle market in China and across Asia. Furthermore, the Global Heavy Duty Summit, established in 2017, provides a global perspective on commercial and off-highway vehicle markets. In recent years, Duxes off-highway vehicle summits have attracted more than 2000 delegates, including 45+ international OEMs, 200+ parts suppliers, and over 80% of the leading global companies in the field. With a reputation for cutting-edge content, and a decade of engagement with prominent companies, future Duxes off-highway vehicle events figure to remain at the forefront of the industry.

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