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Exclusive Article
Leasing on the Gulf

James Allen has over 30 years of global automotive and finance experience, in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Mr. Allen served as General Manager of VWFS in the UK, headed General Motors' Asia Pacific credit and leasing operation, and managed the largest publicly quoted lease and finance operation in the Indian Ocean region. His experience in the Middle East has ranged from being the CEO of ANB's leasing operations to running both the finance and FS operations for Aston Martin in 14 countries.

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James Allen
Regional Finance Director
Aston Martin
Goldman Sachs backs auto leasing start-up
April 4, 2017
MUSA Auto Finance, an auto finance company specializing in new and pre-owned vehicle leasing, has entered into a $125 million warehouse facility with Goldman Sachs.
Auto financing taking off in China
March 29, 2017
Some growth has been spurred by government incentives, which are set to expire. But as the Wall Street Journal reports, auto financing is finally picking up steam in a market where it was previously unavailable.
Uber mulls scrapping car leasing in India following returned vehicles
March 24, 2017
Uber is reconsidering its expansion into the Indian market, due to reduced interest in leasing vehicles that accompanied Uber's introduction of lower incentives for drivers.
Boeing reports order for 30 737 MAX jets from Chinese leasing firm
March 13, 2017
Chinese aircraft lessor CDB Aviation Lease Finance has ordered 30 Boeing 737 jets, a $3.3 billion transaction.
Leasing companies strengthen Chinese influence in world shipping
March 12, 2017
Chinese leasing companies invested an estimated $11.5 billion in shipping in 2016, a trend characterized by “sale and leaseback” deals in which operators sell vessels to leasing companies who in turn lease them back.
Toshiba sells medical equipment leasing company
March 6, 2017
Electronics company Toshiba is selling its stake in a medical leasing company to Canon.
Tokyo Century Group targets Chinese leasing market with Unionpay agreement
March 6, 2017
Tokyo Century Group has entered into a partnership with China's largest payment service in an attempt to expand into the Chinese leasing market. The agreement will involve Tokyo Century Group providing leasing services on Unionpay's merchant financial service platform.
Global Leasing Industry Experiences Growth for Fifth Straight Year
March 3, 2017
The global leasing industry grew for the fifth straight year in 2016. Growth was particularly rapid in China, where the leasing sector expanded by 25%, and the UK, which experienced 14% growth.
Banks become equipment finance powerhouse
March 3, 2017
Finance company PNC's recent acquisition of a substantial equipment finance portfolio is representative of the evolving nature of equipment leasing, in which banks and financial institutions have become increasingly prominent.
HK's proposed dedicated tax regime for offshore aircraft leasing
March 6, 2017
A Hong Kong government proposal would establish a dedicated tax regime for aircraft lessors operating in Hong Kong, but leasing offshore. The proposed tax policies strive to make Hong Kong a center for aviation leasing, and take advantage of opportunities for growth in the PRC.
China's central bank proposes tighter rules for car loans
December 27, 2016
In response to the increased risk of borrower default due to the rapid increase in car loans, the People's Bank of China has proposed stricter criteria for both borrowers and lenders.
China clarifies VAT leasing rules
March 14, 2016
The State Administration of Taxation has specified that companies providing finance leaseback services for tangible moveable assets can deduct the principal from the amount of taxable VAT income.

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